There undoubtedly will be various reasons for you visiting this site. They could range from those associated with perhaps improving business performance; others possibly associated with requests by one or more of your customers suggesting that it may be in your best interest to adopt at least one of these systems, often the ISO 9001, in order to preserve or guarantee your current trading relationship with that customer.

It follows then that you may well be seeking further information on how you might go ahead with implementing the particular standard, what precisely is involved, how a successful certification is effected, how do I maintain the system and of course what would be the likely costs. This is where I am able to help you.

I bring over thirty years of practical experience of forming and running businesses to the table including designing quality systems.

My current client base is comprised of businesses and firms from both the manufacturing and service sectors.

The support packages on offer are tailored to your exact needs and delivered by one who really has worn the T shirt.

Many thanks for your visit and I hope that you find the content useful. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wish to take your project to the next level. I’d be delighted to help.


Roger Lambourne

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