We can provide as much or as little support in all aspects of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as required by you and your business.

Typical services for a businesses with less than 20 employees on a single site.

A single fully documented system designed and published including onsite visits required.

Comprises any one of the above systems. We compile a fully documented system comprising the manual, quality policy, procedures as required by the standard and others deemed necessary by the company, and any forms required by the system.

This would probably require a single visit to the company for us to become familiarised with the product(s) delivered by the company, the processes required, details of resources, both in human terms and those related to infrastructure, in order to bring the product to market.

Additional support may be made available to implement the system and prepare for certification if required.

If certification is required then amongst the pre-requisites is the need to have completed a full system internal audit by competent personnel.

We are able to perform a pre-certification audit of the full system on behalf of all our clients. This fulfils two functions fulfilling the requirements to have performed the internal audit and simultaneously allowing us to detect and rectify any potential issues affecting certification and hence guarantee a successful outcome.

We also are able to deliver a full maintenance programme which would include performing internal audits as required by the system. This might entail say between one and three visits per year for a company of this size. The quality Manager’s function could also be incorporated into this service.

An Integrated system, designed and published

If more than one system is required, then it is cost effective to integrate two if not three into a single system.

These standards are largely generic and hence there are many common elements. We offer a fully integrated system service including the maintenance as described above.

By adopting the integrated system initial design and implementation costs are reduced as are the maintenance external auditing costs for certification purposes.

Onsite Training Awareness

The standard required all staff and employees to be made aware of the respective systems. We are able to deliver bespoke awareness training sessions for any of the systems as either a standalone stem or in its integrated format.

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